Act of Forgiveness: Forgave the Drunk Man Who Assaulted Me

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The act of forgiveness healed the anger and hurt I suffered in a horrific tragedy.

Because of the act of forgiveness, I was able to forgive the drunk man who physically assaulted me in public..

I cannot go into too much detail because the case is currently still pending.

Coming home from work exhausted, I decided to go a mini market store a couple of minutes away from my house to pick up something for my grandmother. After I parked my car and exited my vehicle, I proceeded towards the store. As I reached over to open the door, two males slowly strolled out simultaneously.

Let’s call them “Lucifer and Freddie Krueger” LOL…

Because they were blocking the entrance for me to enter the store, I politely
said excuse me to the two males. Krueger shifts to the left; but Lucifer ignores me and resumes to block the entrance with an evil smirk on his face.

(I’m thinking oh lord, not today! I am so damn tired. I just want to go home and sleep)

Again I politely said, “Excuse me sir, you are blocking my entrance to go into the store. Lucifer shouted “You are not going anywhere! I’m not letting you in.” Krueger quickly whispered “Don’t mind my friend, he’s really drunk”.

I was always taught to simply walk away during any escalated argument, due to the fact that conditions can rapidly turn dangerous. As I backed up to begin to walk away, Lucifer snatches my arm. I immediately yanked away and yelled stop! I never been SO SHOCKED in my life!!  (Mind you Krueger continues to stare in silence). Lucifer then howled, ” I can do whatever I want’ , while touching my hair. My reflexes caused me to quickly jerk backwards,  and cover my head with my hands to protect myself.




Lucifer literally went from 0 to 100 in a second. It felt like I was staring into a soul of a demon. My whole life flashed in front of my eyes.

Instantly, I violently was snatched and slammed against the glass wall of the store.

As my attacker aggressively tries to pull my hair out of my scalp, we both tripped over a garbage can, stumbling onto the ground. At this point, he is on top of me, still pulling my hair continuously. I took two violent blows to the head and jaw. What made crap worse was that everyone just stopped, stood there and stared. (All were grown males by the way) NO ONE EVEN BOTHERED TO HELP ME!!!! Okay let’s play devil’s advocate. What if the male who is currently attacking me had a weapon on him and you did not want take the chances of getting hurt?


Luckily for me, I know how to defend myself. (Thank you lord for my brothers!) Now, fighting back and blocking the rest of his punches, I kicked him off of me. Lucifer flies in the air and hits the ground. (Squatting at the gym has finally done me justice LOL). Promptly jumping myself up to my feet, I quickly pulled out my phone to dial 911. While his drunk stumbling ass tries to get up, Krueger in a panic yells “She’s calling the cops get in the car!!!!”. Lucifer and Krueger both jumped into there car and sped off.

Long story short, the cops finally arrived. I gave a written statement and was told I will be notified once they found him.

A MONTH later, I received a call from a state prosecutor stating he has been charged with a misdemeanor battery and offered him a plea deal 6-month probation and an anger management class. (Basically a slap on the wrist).


I couldn’t understand how someone can just receive a slap on the wrist, with an extensive record of various offences such as Felony Cruelty Toward Child and seven misdemeanors. The state prosecutor did not even know Lucifer lives two blocks away from my home!!! (Thanks to Google finding out the location of his residence).

When I hung up, I legit was having a panic attack. I am very caring, compassionate, kindhearted individual, so I didn’t understand why was this all happening to me? Why do I feel like my case is not being taken seriously? What is the universe trying to tell me?

Finally, one day after gazing vividly amongst the soft blue sky, I received my answer.

I did not do anything wrong. I believe that the universe had put me there on purpose in that exact moment for a reason. LOL I’m not a small girl. I am 5’7 and 160lbs. Had I not known how to defend myself and was a little smaller, it may have ended worst. Lucifer could have done that to any random person, god forbid that individual being attack did not know how to defend themselves. They would have seriously gotten injured.

As I sat down in my patio, the cool crisp air filled my lungs. The lukewarm rays of the luminous yellow sun pierced right through my wounded soul. Suddenly, that heavy ton brick glued to my chest slowly lifted.

I was now at peace.


I prayed for Lucifer. I prayed for his family. I prayed for his children. I prayed for love to enter his heart and to remove the veil of any anger or pain masking his heart. I prayed he receives help to overcome his mistakes and not let the troubles of his past define who he is as a person.

I forgave Lucifer.

One of my favorite quotes: “Unforgiveness unchecked becomes a cancer of the soul.”

Forgiveness does not mean you have to accept the malicious behavior that was done to you. Forgiveness to me means letting go and releasing the pain, the anger, the grudge, to disallow the captivity of an imprisoned soul. I realized that the anger and rage that I was densely holding onto, was essentially holding me back. That negative energy clogged my heart, experiencing more pain than good. Forgiveness was the medicine which healed my soul and permitted myself to remain at peace, prohibiting Lucifer’s detrimental actions affect how I live in the present moment.

All in all, believe me, it was harder said than done. There was couple of times where I was reliving the past being assaulted by Lucifer; but soon after, I quickly prohibited the flow of negativity, rescinding the torment I held within. It is a process that does take time, but at the end YOU WILL BE OKAY. Hopefully this post will help surmount any pain and anger you might be experiencing currently. I will pray for your peace and serenity.

How did you get over the anger that was caused by an individual? Do you believe in the act of forgiveness? Feel free to share your thoughts 🙂 I love you guys!




Sincerely GC


P.S. Lucifer turned down the plea deal (I mean with that record, who wouldn’t take that plea deal? SMH), which now transfer the case to trial. If you can, keep myself in your prayers.

Oh Ladies and gents, please carry pepper spray on you AT ALL TIMES LOL.


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46 thoughts on “Act of Forgiveness: Forgave the Drunk Man Who Assaulted Me

  1. What an ordeal. Admittedly, while reading this, I kept wondering if your locale is usually this dangerous of a place (and grateful I feel safe in my community). Kudos to you for coming out the other side and freeing yourself through forgiveness.

  2. It pains me to read stories like this. I am sorry that this is something you had to live through, live with. Without knowing you, you are an thoughtful and considerate human for forgiving him. We need less of him and more of you in power. Thank you for sharing your story.

  3. Not ONLY did you run interference on whoever else might have been attacked in your stead, but you also went through all that to tell us about it so that we will be SO INSPIRED! And we’ll reblogged it IMMEDIATELY, as I am just about to do, to my sister site Success Inspirers World! My prayers are yours! You go!

  4. Thanks for sharing your story. I need to start a forgiveness practice but I haven’t been able to start. Something in me was resisting. I think reading your story was just the motivation I needed. Do you mind if I reblog this post?

  5. From:

    Just remember, forgiveness is for the forgivER, not the forgivEN. You release YOURSELF by forgiving. And one of the beautiful things about this is that it then doesn’t even matter if someone actually wronged you in some way or if you just think / feel they did.

    But you don’t need to say your forgiveness TO them. Remember, it’s not about them, it’s about you. The only way it becomes or continues to be about them has to do with how you treat them because you think they’ve done you wrong. If you’re holding a grudge against someone, even if it’s just at an energetic level, that will put a strain on your relationship if you are still around this person.

    Now, just come up with your own personal short, generic affirmation that you can say any time forgiveness is in order. One affirmation that I used was “I forgive you and release you. There is no forgiveness that I withhold. My forgiveness for you is total. I am free and you are free.”

    If it is you yourself who you feel needs forgiveness, then forgive yourself. Someone else’s forgiveness of you is THEIR business, not yours. You can’t force them to forgive you. If you did screw up with them, then just apologize and let them tend to the forgiveness.

  6. You have employed the greatest weapon of all times. The weapon of forgiveness truly executes justice but always remember that self defence complements the efforts of a good heart. . . May your new found peace know no end.

  7. I have a similar experience like you and I would say that it was not a memory which I want to keep in my mind for a long time but somehow it stick in my brain like a dirty stain on the white clothes. The victim of public assault suffer much more inside than what people can see on the outside. I do not agree with the idea that it is natural for men to have sexual desire toward women when they get drunk. They are a part of the civilazation, they have to know how to behave in a right way. I understand the reason why you forgive them and it is great that you have the courage to do that. However, it is injustice when women are the only one who are blamed for all the disrespecting behaviours that men did to them. Now, I would call it “sexist”.

    P/S: The peace and serenity are only meant for good people like you, not for those drunk men.

  8. I have to say forgiveness is one of the toughest things to do, especially when you’ve truly been hurt. I always considered myself forgiving until someone dear hurt me and broke every ounce of trust I once had. Then the question of forgiveness came up and I found myself mentally screaming “NEVER!!!”. Crazy as it sounds, it was so hard to let go. Your story is inspiring. I relate to it because you didn’t say it just came magically for you. You didn’t just look at him, and say “I forgive you” after two seconds. Quite honestly, I’m still dealing with the hurt (though I’ve told myself I’ve forgiven them a million times) in my own case and your article just made it a whole lot easier for me to let go of the strings of grudge and truly forgive.

  9. Thank you for reading from my blog.

    What happened to you was dangerous. You did nothing wrong. I’m relieved you’re better now.

    Forgiveness is essential, all around. Doesn’t mean forgetting anymore than remembering to stay prepared.

    I’ll be praying for the present and the future, as things must continue.

  10. The slap on the wrist doesn’t surprise me. The fact that nobody helped doesn’t surprise me either. What does surprise me is that nobody pulled out their phone and started recording it and then posted it to YouTube. Humans don’t seem to help people anymore. I often wonder if they ever think, “that could be me” at all. A call to the cops, if you have a phone, could save a life. Standing around and watching does nothing so either keep it moving or do something to help. I am glad you came out of that situation still breathing. It is good that you knew how to defend yourself.

  11. Forgiveness is the best action we can take for our mind, body and soul. We deserve so much better than to be trapped in an emotional torture chamber. Good for you for freeing yourself and I hope you always find peace in life. Thank you for visiting and liking my post!

  12. Wow! I truly commend you on your forgiveness for these two. I am still coping with my rape, and I don’t think I will ever be able to forgive him. He was my roommate for 5 months, he groomed me all night, and he raped me. I think you are an amazing woman! A true inspiration, and someone to look up to!

  13. Wow, an amazing incident and you handled the whole situation very bravely. I admire you for forgiving, that can be difficult at times. Happy day to you. 🙂

  14. Unbelievable violation. You are a strong woman. Thank you so much for sharing and your writing is excellent. This was totally unjust. But lucky there is still good in this world. I hope.

  15. You are a truly kind and courageous being, dear. I shudder to think how terrified you must have been. I shall send you all the positive energy I can muster, in the hope that this horrific wrong will at least not go unpunished. peace to you, and to yours.

  16. Thank you for sharing, it is terrible incident and I am so glad you have found a way of dealing with and not allowing it to spoil your life. All the best. Regards

  17. There is great power in being the bigger person. There is also great power in fighting back when someone attacks you. May your heart remain clean and clear and may you be an example for others.

  18. Its amazing how the innocent can end up feeling worse than just the result of the incident itself. And awesome for you to forgive him > Its the only way to move forward. BTW: you write good! 🙂 have a blissful weekend

  19. So sorry you had to go through this. They are a failure of the word men! You are much stronger than them and I hope you are rewarded for your patience. I hope you have endless blessings and nothing ever harms you ameen ♥️

  20. Regarding your entry about when you were attacked by the cowards: Good that you were able to ‘defend your life’! Kudos to you that you survived that horrible crime. Key issue here is remembering that once a person forgives someone, that act of true forgiveness doesn’t mean that we need to be in the presence of those who have harmed us (and who have intent of continuing to harm us). Forgiveness is an act of the mind, heart, soul and spirit. I write this note because sometimes the perp is a person we know (not a stranger). And in those cases, forgiveness, the whole process of successful forgiveness includes a plan to keep oneself safe from further harm from that (or those) particular perpetrator(s).

  21. Girl, first of all, so glad you’re OK. Second of all, so impressed with your ability to forgive this jerk. I’m not gonna lie – I still haven’t been able to forgive my old boss for sexually harassing me but reading your post has me thinking about it. Stay strong and keep smiling. God bless you. Xoxoox

  22. I’m so glad you are ok and so sorry that someone did that to you. It’s a very big soul that can forgive. It’s hard to do, but for our sanity’s sake, it is important. You have to release that negativity and find a positive in everything. It sucks and it’s hard. Blessed be.

  23. Without having to meet you, I can already tell what a beautiful individual you are. I absolutely believe in the act of forgiveness and the power of prayer. Thank you for sharing your story and reminding me to do some forgiving myself. xo

  24. The devil really lives. I am sorry
    Society of bad folks seem to be everywhere. Thankfully you are okay because you have kept you together. Forgiveness is good.Thank you for being brave enough to share this. You are a beautiful blessing

  25. First, kudos to you for fighting back. Second, in answer to your question I’m still working on getting over my anger and learning to forgive. The forgiveness is almost easy compared with learning to not be angry. Rational me can forgive because I know a persons actions have nothing to do with me specifically but more with their issues. But the emotionally injured side of my brain doesn’t want to listen to reason lol. Talking things out and writing down my thoughts have helped me.

  26. We often think of life as a set of incidents and even obstacles. We could just as easily view life as a series of truths hitting us one right after another.
    Nobody wants to go through what you just went through. Thank goodness you were not badly hurt. However, we do go through these things from time to time.
    Perhaps the reason for all these experiences is the process of making us a better person. If we can step back and look at each one as a step on the pathway to truth, we can glean truth from each encounter. it makes us grow. In this case you realized it was you who would become caged if you did not forgive.
    There may be even more understanding yet to come. How are we being led? For what purpose do we have each experience? Each answer invariably takes us to a higher conscious level.

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