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Growing up I was pretty ashamed of my body


Right now in my late twenties, I would consider myself to be a beautiful, voluptuous Amazon woman; but back in my teenage years, I identified more with Professor Klump from Nutty Professor. Between the covers of Teen Vogue; my volleyball playing Caucasian classmates; and my blunt West Indian family; I was very much aware of my not so average body type.I’m damn near six feet tall and I haven’t been a part of the “200 & Under” club since the age of five. Today I can say it with confidence, but my 15 year old self, who wore long sleeves in 98 degree weather while chomping on a Snickers bar, would cringe at the thought of a scale. My low self-esteem led to poor fashion choices, raggedy men, wet pillowcases, diet pills, and unappetizing sex.

I won’t lie and tell you that “All About That Bass” is my ringtone or that I belt out Chaka Kahn’s “I’m Every Woman” while I gaze in the mirror every morning; but this once body conscious girl WILL wear a 2 piece at the beach, AIN’T scared to order extra sides with her meal, and DOES NOT think twice when it’s her turn to saddle up and play cowgirl in the bedroom.I did not become the woman I am overnight and to be honest I am still evolving. I STILL have issues. I STILL have self-conscious moments, but to be frank…. I’m the SH*T! And I want everyone who does not fit society’s mold of “pretty” to feel the same way in every aspect of their lives, especially my fluffs (plus sized, ample, voluptuous, curvaceous, BIG women).


On this side of GC’s blogosphere, I will be writing about my experiences in every arena (relationships, health, fashion, sex) but with a larger than life point of view. This will be a creative outlet for me in hopes to reach those that identify with the #BBWStruggle. But don’t get it twisted, this will NOT be a pity party! Thick Thursdays will be a celebratory occasion filled with advice, laughs, tears, embarrassing moments, and anything else that tugs at my heart. I hope you guys enjoy Fluffy Girl Knows Best just as much as I enjoy writing it.



4 thoughts on “Fluffy Girl Knows Best

  1. I love the message that you are bringing girl. I have been on both sides of the body image world from almost too skinny to the voluptuous amazon woman that you speak so eloquently of through your posts. Keep doing you more girls need to know that loving themselves is what makes them sexy!

  2. I love that you are candidly, and humorously, sharing your experiences and point of view! Fluffy & non-fluffies alike can relate to the body conscious struggle we women deal with so there is a lesson here for all. One of my favorite inspirational quotes is by comedian Amy Schumer: “I’m probably like 160 pounds right now and I can catch a dick whenever I want”.

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