How I got Rid of Depression through Self Love

The Sincerely GC’s Journey: ย Self Love Allowed me to get Rid of Depression

Healing depression through self love? Is that even possible?

For some, great difficulties arise when it comes to accepting, embracing, or loving their own imperfections. Let us not run away from our flaws, but learn how to cherish our authenticity.

A couple of years ago, my life was violently spinning out of control. As the sun tried to peek through my opaque curtains covering the fogged windows, my frigid body would lie lifelessly in bed. My eyelids, equating to the rough scales of a reptile, repeatedly rubbed against my glassy eyes, as tears of gasoline rolled down my flesh. As I slowly gasp for air, the heavy thick dark vapor painfully flowed into my lungs, enclosing my tiny airways. Each heart beat felt as if a sharp spiked bullet pierced through my soul.

Dragging myself to the bathroom, gazing in to the mirror, I saw a lonely, fearful, insecure, overweight individual with zero confidence.

I was suffering from depression…

Continuously failing to search for a solution that would quickly vanish the torment lurking through my psyche, I screamed angrily because it was too much for me to bear. Being born to strict religious set of parents with high expectations, I had a difficult time trying to balance my intense science courses and many organizations (I was in college at the time) where people were rooting to see me fail. And to add to this shit (excuse my language lol), I was severely sickย at that time !

I allowed the negativity to consume over my energy.

There was only one person that I expected to come to rescue and save me. My boyfriend at the time… (let’s call him Larry lol)

During that era, my personality was very introverted because I was so good at hiding my emotions to the world. I thought Larry had to be my only escape from the vitriolic reality that I was combating with.

The utterance of every word that departed from my mouth trying to express howย I internally felt dissipated into thin air. My boyfriend looked right through me as if I was transparent. He then gazed away and blurted out that he was tired of me complaining. (Keep in mind expressing my feelings to Larry was not all that common. I would only do bits and pieces at that time. It was just at that moment, I was holding so much of my emotions captive, it felt like I was about to burst !)


HUH?! I was completely baffled… Raised to believe that if you show emotions you are considered to be weak. I did not want to be impassive with Larry so I tried to break the chain where my feelings were imprisoned. I loved him and wanted so bad for our souls to intertwine. When we first met, he broke through to me promising that I would always be safe and would not have to be afraid to be vulnerable. So I was convinced…

Depression is no joke. The consciousness of life was slipping through the cracks of hell.


My relationship with Larry was intoxicated. The more I made an effort to amend things, the more distant he became by spending more time with his friends and purposely shutting me out. When we became intimate, it was primarily a short-lived physical event where emotions were checked out the door, feeling like I was having sex with a complete stranger…I had put on a couple of pounds, but he saw this as a big issue constantly pleading with me to do something about it. (NOW YOU KNOW HOW WE FEMALES FEEL WHEN SOMEONE NEGATIVELY COMMENTS ABOUT OUR WEIGHT lol)

It was 4 in the morning, and Larry’s phone indicated that he received a text message. Trust me when I say that a female’s intuition is almost always right. Typed in the pass code that he thought I did not know (DUMMY LOL) while he was asleep and lo and behold that’s how I found out Larry was cheating…


I couldn’t comprehend what the universe was trying to show me. I BECAME VICIOUS and wanted him to feel the poison of my shattered heart by attacking Larry with bloodthirsty words that I knew would cause pain for revenge and hooking up with someone else.

Wait…. What the fuck am I doing ? This wasn’t me. It is NOT in my character to purposely try to crumble a life in palm of my bare hands. My depression made myself completely lost in the suffering and agony .

Finally, I woke up one day and realized I DESERVED BETTER.


Let me tell you something!! To every single one of you reading this OWN WHO YOU ARE! YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL, HANDSOME (for my fellas reading lol), UNIQUE, INTELLIGENT, AND PERFECT just the way you are and no one can ever take that away from you!!!! “Never be afraid to fall apart because it is an opportunity to rebuild yourself the way you wish you had been all alongโ€. I believe that YOU WILL build that strong confidence and allow room for harmony to feed into your soul.

I began to search for guidance. With the help of a therapist, mediation, exercise, practicing gratitude, living in the present moment, loving unconditionally, and understanding that my thoughts created my own reality, I began to feel wholesome.

Everyday, I now wake up with joy!! As a happily pounce to the mirror each morning, I see a high self-esteem, serene, attractive, curvy woman and quite frankly I think I have a fat ass. ๐Ÿ˜‰

In comparison to the past, where I am today was definitely not an easy voyage; however, I realized only I HAVE the ability to CHOOSE LOVE over fear, to CHOOSE HAPPINESS over pain, to CHOOSE CONFIDENCE over doubt. โ€œLife isnโ€™t a fair fight, but you donโ€™t cry a river and drown in it or bury yourself under attitude and bitterness. Focus on what life is teaching you, not what itโ€™s taking away from you. Dare to be in a state of constant improvement not endless blaming”. THIS IS YOUR SIGN!! Start the passage to increase your self love and positive vibrations.

โ€œLearn to love yourself first, instead of loving the idea of other people loving youโ€.

Remember Larry lol? In order to completely move on from the pain I felt, I had to honestly forgive him. Because of my depression, the idea of having Larry around w8as like a recreational drug and I that was addicted. I was addicted to the high of someone loving me in fear to be standing alone against the cruel word. Larry could NOT fix my problems that I was facing. ONLY I CAN! Larry could NOT fully remove the negative thoughts that consumed my soul. ONLY I CAN! Larry could NOT choose happiness for myself. ONLY I CAN!

With hard work and dedication, I knew I was determined to find my bliss. But guess what, IT WAS ALREADY THERE! It was concealed with darkness and all I had to do was shed light.

So how did I get rid of depression? Self love! Who are you? What are the things that make you smile? It is true when they say you have to love thyself first before another. I learned how to accept myself as I am. Cracking jokes, dancing, relaxing on the beach with a big ass sangria; there were so many things I did not know about myself and so many things I had not explored.

Before, I did not live, I simply just existed.

Present day, my soul is bursting with ecstasy. I am my own best friend and I love9 myself. Loosen up a little and enjoy life. Try to make it your priority every day to do an activity that excites you. Know your worth and distance yourself from people who bring negative energy in your aura. Make it your mission to find inner peace. Create changes in your life that will positively impact you. Remember only you can control the outcome of your future. Plant a seed of positive thoughts and emotions; expect a beautiful blossom to grow ๐Ÿ™‚


If nobody has never told you this, today I want to come and let you know that I LOVE YOU with all of my being and spirit. I believe in you that YOU WILL get through the heartache, pain, and misery. YOU ARE LOVED, YOU ARE WANTED , YOU WILL NEVER BE A FAILURE. Hold your head up high and carry yourself like a KING OR A QUEEN that you are.

โ€œYou never really see how toxic someone or something is until you breathe that fresh airโ€ So take a deep breath in. Excuse your bad days and embrace your imperfections. Feed your soul positive affirmations that help you feel compassion and love within your soul.


At the end of the day, I still have love for Larry. That time you confused a lesson for a soulmate….UH YEAHH LOL… Instead of pain, I viewed everything as a lesson. What does this lesson teach you? I hold no grudges. This content was not intended to bash him. We BOTH internally damaged one another and ย were just two people who simply not compatible with each other; both holding on to something that was not there. I had to do what was best for me. I invite you to sail this journey with me to unlock the key of self love and righteousness.

What are the things you struggle? How will you increase yourself love today? Please share your thoughts ๐Ÿ™‚

Sincerely GC


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67 thoughts on “How I got Rid of Depression through Self Love

  1. Wow what an amazing blog! I believe we as women sometimes forget about ourselves. We as natural nurturers, we give or love so freely because that’s just who we are. We become mothers, spouses, friends, sisters, daughters, and then we forget we are us.

    I have lost myself in being in two failed marriages and being a mother of 4. I don’t remember what I like, because it has always been about my kids or husband. I had a “Larry” and i expected him to fill this void of who am I, and to be honest he did. But while he gave me something to do he didn’t give me what I really needed from a companion. So while I was thinking I was fulfilling a purpose I was being drained even more.

    I guess I say all of this to say I am on my journey to rediscover myself, and so far its been a hard start. But I’m glad I found this post because it gives me hope, and I am realizing that I am not alone.

    Thank you.

  2. This is such a raw take on depression. Being a fellow person that suffers from the same symptoms, I can relate to these posts on such an emotional level. Thank you for being open and sharing about your experiences, it encourages me. <3

  3. I’d like to thank you for the like and the inspirational post here.
    Now I do have some bits in it that I simply cannot relate to myself, but that is mostly because I just am not ready for taking the leap of faith in that regard. To me flipping a switch is just that, flipping a switch; You can easily turn it on, thus just as easily can it be switched off. And that to me is a dangerous proposition. Nevertheless I do see the strength and determination you have taken from this lesson. I think I need to learn more before I can do something similar.

  4. I am posting this reply. Much to share for the benefit of us all partners in the label of “depression” in one single comment. Welcome back to the blog you visited today. Perhaps? The many commentators would be inclined to visit as well. I do have a treasure to share with you all. ๐Ÿ™‚
    His love in my heart for all, thiaBasilia

  5. Came across this moving piece today. Good sharing of insights and experiences. Shows the strength we inherently have within. We can overcome huddles and be our graceful self. Thank You. Gabriel, LUSAKA, night of Whit Monday, March 28th, 2016, Leap Year.

  6. High five to your willingness to look deep with in yourself. I too stepped out of a rigid religious system that taught that “self love” was a slippery slope to self worship. Keep writing and learning and seeking and speaking your truth. Cheers!

  7. Thanks for liking my post as that is the only way I would have connected to yours. I had my own Larry. His name was Phil. I think in the end the fall out from that relationship just sends you home to yourself. Its a daily practice learning and practising this self love and overcoming the negativity and perfectionism and shame we can absorb. I look forward to reading more about your life/thoughts/journey.

  8. Great post. Thanks for your transparency and honesty. Keep checking me out as well. I have a feeling that we will be sharing some things that will encourage each other.

  9. Self love is actually the greatest form of love. If properly understood, it in no way distracts you from others too. Congratulations on having acquired the freedom of the soul. Celebrate it.

  10. Hi….i can exactly feel like u as i’m exactly in ur shoes….know where they pinch!Perhaps im a step ahead…was abandoned after a relationship…have two kids to raise, and i just can’t move ahead!!!With Rheumatoid for last 12years although im blessed enough having complete mobility,depresion is part and parcel of the disease too and therefore two folds!I would eagerly like to learn from your experiences because my kids only have me to hold onto therefore i have to learn to live!

    1. And you will get through this. I believe in you. I am here for you. Please contact me directly if you need anything or an ear to listen. Have a wonderful evening ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. I love to eat. It’s like a comfort for me. I’m lazy that’s a defense mechanism for me to not deal with what’s at hand. What I go through is nothing new. It’s something 8/10 people face in America along with other vices. But I everyday no matter what take a stand to change my circumstances. So that I am in COMPLETE CONTROL. My emotions tend to drill me like a sergeant when they say “PRESENT ARMS”!, I do. When they say “REST”! I do. And that discipline never will work out for me because I will run myself into a life of regret and unhappiness. So I change my circumstances. I control what I am. And what I chose to do. In the name of Jesus Christ

    The Soulโค๏ธ

    1. Yes that was beautifully written! Only you have to ability to choose happiness and control. Thanks for stopping by. Your words are always touching!

  12. I have been through this as well and put together many of the same puzzle pieces as you did! One tactic I found useful was writing down my own thoughts…when I read “I hate myself”, “I hate you”, and “I’d be better off without you”, I knew it was time to seek therapy. Inside us all is the desire to truly be who we are, ALL that we are – when we hide our spirits, or censor them, the only person we’re deceiving is ourselves. <3

  13. This is simply AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! It takes pride, guts, humility and passion to express words and feelings in such a way that you have!! -Evette

  14. My psychologist gave me two wonderful sayings to post as reminders. The first is by my mirror: “Behold the face of the one who is responsible for your happiness today.”
    The second one is on my bulletin board: “God grant me the serenity to accept the people I cannot change, the courage to change the one I can, and the wisdom to know itโ€™s me.”

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