1000 Followers! Keep connected with Sincerely GC on Social Media

I am literally jumping for joy 🙂 Today I have reached a milestone-1000 followers! I am honored to have such a wide audience and also driven to keep pushing even harder to inspire and motivate one another. I love you all from the bottom of my heart and cannot wait to see what the future holds in store for the journey of…

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How I got Rid of Depression through Self Love

The Sincerely GC’s Journey:  Self Love Allowed me to get Rid of Depression Healing depression through self love? Is that even possible? For some, great difficulties arise when it comes to accepting, embracing, or loving their own imperfections. Let us not run away from our flaws, but learn how to cherish our authenticity. A couple of years ago, my life…

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Fluffy Girl Knows Best

Growing up I was pretty ashamed of my body Right now in my late twenties, I would consider myself to be a beautiful, voluptuous Amazon woman; but back in my teenage years, I identified more with Professor Klump from Nutty Professor. Between


What?! You Never Had an Orgasm?

“What?! You never had an orgasm?”    *Passes you a tissue and my dildo* THIS IS A PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT! (Viewer discretion is advised) It’s 2:30AM.. His chest is pressed against your bosoms as he pounds his