What?! You Never Had an Orgasm?

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“What?! You never had an orgasm?”  

 *Passes you a tissue and my dildo*


(Viewer discretion is advised)

It’s 2:30AM..

His chest is pressed against your bosoms as he pounds his dick, sliding through your wet walls moaning softly in your ears…and  WHAM he releases his soul into you, rolls over and wipes his forehead with a big ass grin.

Looks up at the clock

It’s 2:34AM

WHAT THE FUCK?! (FYI, this happened to me).

LADIES, if you never “cum” during through that so called “Daddy Long Stroke”, please do not worry! I am here to show you how. Before we begin, let us discuss what many are guilty of when having sex with a man.. Women are so concerned of always making sure that a man is sexually satisfied while fulfilling his pornographic fantasy; however, our “va-jayjay” is sitting there impatiently waiting to freaking explode!!! There’s only so much self pleasuring one can take 😉


1. A primary approach to fixing this conundrum is to open your mouth and TELL HIM. Some men do get carried away and often forget about their female’s sexual desire. No need to “tip toe” around his feelings!! A man will always ejaculate during sex (unless he goes limp lol), so your “va-jayjay” should have EVERY RIGHT to do the same.

2. “Whoever is hittin’ ain’t hittin’ it right; cause she actin’ like she need dick in her life.”                   (Thank you Lil Wayne.) Apparently, if he “ain’t hitting it right”, show him how too. Let’s do some foreplay! Instead of him already trying to shove himself in you, take it easy. Instead, gaze into his eyes as you gradually remove your clothes and unbuckle his belt. Slowly caress his large succulent body as you let your soft tender skin thrust against his.  (This will leave you highly aroused.)

3. If he “ain’t eating your p***y, he’s childish”. How often does your partner “go down” on you before intercourse? There is NO WAY that you should be “giving” and not “receiving”. A very effective way to reach your climax is through oral sex! About 70% of women are unable to achieve an orgasm through just intercourse alone. For any FELLAS reading this article PAY CLOSE ATTENTION and thank me later! Make her feel very comfortable and relaxed. Some women are insecure of their bodies, which causes them to endure stress and a bit of anxiety. Not only you can forget about her climaxing, you might as well put your pants back on because her walls have now been converted into sandpaper. The perfect tactic is to gently lay her down on her bare back. Place a pillow underneath the hips while kneeling on either the bed or floor. Open her smooth delicate legs wide. Begin by slightly licking her thigh; inching closer and closer towards your main target. We love when a man teases which makes us squirm, wanting you to go further! Place both of your hands between her juicy inner thighs continuing to leave the area spacious for your large body. Very delicately, lick up and down just beneath the clit without touching it just yet 😉 . Now cover her moist clit with your mouth.Image result for orgasm

(Best way I can describe this is have your mouth slightly open while your tongue is a in a “Half of the letter O” shape). While your mouth is still covering the clit, slowly have your tongue go in a up, down, and sideways motion. Pay attention to her body. As she takes a deep breath, the body will begin to pulsate an out-pour of pleasure leaving her numb. At a leisurely pace, gradually increase the speed of the  tongue.

The woman will start to clench her tiny fists into the sheets below her, twitching her fingers and toes. As your tongue continues to travel, reshape your mouth to a small “o” and imitate as if you are sucking a straw. (Make sure you do this gently and increase the speed as she exhales slowly with a cozy tingling sensation).  Her warm wetness will resemble soft waves hitting your fluorescent body with increasing intensity. Gently enter your index finger 1-2in deep as you begin to feel a small-like sponge known as her “G Spot”. (Imitate as if you’re telling someone to “come here” with your index finger). Using small firm strokes, stimulate her “G-Spot” while still gently sucking her clit. (It’s a lot of multitasking here lol) . A couple of minutes later, increase the speed of the stroke. The more she screams with excitement, the faster you stroke while deeply moaning, sending vibrations through her spirit. Jolting with tremendous pleasure, the warm waves  will transform into a massive surge as her barriers encloses, rising the hips in the air taking you with her.

She unleashes and drowns you with her splash

The calm of the storm is now here followed by a soothing sigh…YOU’RE WELCOME..

4. Some partners begin to be complacent and sex will become dull.                                                       Now if that satisfies you then hey, maybe I need to take some notes from you, but honey let’s be real! After a while, it gets BORING; leaving both parties disappointed. Luckily, I have the solution! I am going to share with you the top three sex positions that will give you a vaginal orgasm.

 *Number One: Doggy Style

 (AKA the best position. Maybe I am biased because it’s my favorite lol). As you’re on your hands and knees, the man has to tilt his hips and enter at 45 degree angle hitting your front walls where the G Spot is located. A trick to stimulate the G Spot is to penetrate the vagina with only the head of the penis. (Remember it is only about 1-2 inches in depth)

 *Number Two: The Cowgirl

This is another popular position.   As drop yourself down the penis of the man, tilt your hips in an angle to your desire. This will have the penis thrust against your G Spot. You are also in complete dominance, controlling your own speed 😉                                                                                                             

*Number Three: The Old Fashion Missionary

 I love this position because you can get very intimate with your partner. Place a pillow underneath your hips. As he inserts himself into you, squeeze your barriers as he fondles the G Spot. It is also easier to passionately kiss your partner leaving you both highly aroused as you increasingly reach to your climax 😉

My goal here was give you helpful tips to enjoy the sensation and pleasure when trying to achieve an orgasm. Relax, let go, and take control of what is yours!!! Feel free to share your experiences 🙂


Sincerely GC



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46 thoughts on “What?! You Never Had an Orgasm?

  1. Good Post! I Wish! But i am Not brave enough to do this (I don’t like the words that have been invented to describe such things), but it’s ok because some men really do know exactly what to do, and anyway i’m so happy just being with someone and feeling his love.

  2. blush… are absolutely right, partners need to know how to help out in that regard, and ones that can’t or won’t are just being selfish……thanks for the like…..

  3. Good article and good job on inspiring people out there to dare to say their feelings..needs. It’s tragic and funny in the same time that we got to this point and we need to explain that love need attention to grow. And that attention can grow only when we take courage and we give ourselves some niiiice love.. maybe that is the point where everybody understand that we all need it. Saying that I want to say that sex is more than orgasm is taking that incredible moment and walk with it and your love one in deep fucking trance :)) But mostly they tricked us that this horny state is a state that is activated only when intercourse comes in..only when you see a naked woman or dresses and other porn stuff. Nonsense! This energy is your fucking sexy presence in this world..don’t need to show it that much..but need to dwell in it and master it…is your creative energy my friends and from that you can do sooo much..and the sex will be more then just some play play..don’t need to finish that fast.come ooon! 🙂 have fun & Namasteee /\

  4. Fanks for liking my post.
    You should maybe put a warning on this post, in all fairness.
    Something along the lines:
    Warning!! Reader may not be able to walk properly after reading the following! 😉
    If only more women were as honest as you! Bravo that girl!

  5. As a man, I have to say one of the hardest things (excess the pun) I have found is getting a woman to tell you what she likes when it comes to sex.

    Let me start by saying, I know there are a lot of idiot men out there that will take it as an insult to their manhood if you tell them what you like, or just don’t care. – dump them.

    However, the biggest reason I have come across for a woman not telling me what they like when it comes to sex is this – “I should automatically know what turns her on”. I lay the blame for this firmly on chick lit and films. Ladies, us men do not automatically know what you like when it comes to sex.

    One woman I had a romantic evening with, loved been nibbled behind her knees and her elbows. Now in a million years, I would never have guessed that. She told me, I tried it, she loved it, we had great sex.

    A lot of men out there, really do want to be able to send waves of pleasure rippling through their womans curvaceous naked body. Why? Because if they can, you will want sex more often : ) us men are not daft lol.

    Be brave and tell your man what you like, you never know he may actually do it!


    1. I totally agree Alan! You need to share with your partner what pleases you sexuality. Some women are either scared or they already expect a man to know. We can’t sit around and wait for miracle to happen lol. Glad we’re on the same page !

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